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John Walton Henderson (JW) is the only Georgia Master Timber Harvester on
the University of Georgia 's Registry from Taliaferro County

Southern H Logging is a timber logging company in Georgia owned and operated by JW.  JW had previously worked in logging from the age of 19 to 26.  JW returned to logging in his 30s to fill a gap of procurement needs in Georgia after a lull in timber demand.  JW stepped right up after selling his other company and bought nice equipment so that his timber company would be reliable working the timber in the woodlands and not working on equipment. 


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Southern H Logging is insured, carries workers compensation, and is considering a new company for incorporating safety meetings and drug testing for his crew.  JW is a strong advocate of being responsive to clients, hard work, and safety.

Southern H Logging always wants everyone to be happy; himself, the landowner, and the mills.  This makes for a win/win for everyone involved and insures repeat business for everyone as well.  JW wants everything to be done right.

Southern H Logging is ready to harvest your timber:

  • Typical Woodland Size: 50 or more acre tracts of timber

  • First and Second Thinning

  • Final Harvest

Southern H Logging works with landowners for timber harvesting.  Southern H Logging will also build your logging road or access roads to your hunting camp and build food plots for deer.  Deer hunters often own valuable large wooded pine acreage that needs first or second thinning.

Final harvesting, first and second thinning a landowners forest is a specialty that requires experience and the right equipment.  Southern H Logging has the right experience and the right equipment.

JW is on the Job Every Day To Insure Quality & Safety!

Southern H Logging is a Company You Can Trust!



Phone: 706-456-2313

Serving: Greene, Hancock, Taliaferro, Warren, & Washington
County, Georgia

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